I feel really boring stay at home all the day....

One day, she came to my house. 

Making all my mom's organic vegetable die.

So, I decided to revenge for all the veggie ^^

I keep kacau her...whether day or night.

Or even create some lightening effect....

Hereby i introduce you the unlucky one...

She has 2 kittens with her.

Since I am such a good person, i not purposely kacau just to revenge on the veggie. In fact, I afraid that the kitten run out of the box and hide under the car. As you know, one of my friend experience this before. The little kitten being squish like sugar cane, just that not green colour water, but the blood being squeeze out. To avoid this, I got really no choice to kacau her and let her feel unsecured and move.

kittens look cute when they sleep...

and the mother, ROAR!!!!


I thought 'she' is the person that I know~ haha~
Nice story~

haha..thx ^^
i linked u =)

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