last week, i have read this article which i think should share here with everyone of us, lets us aware whats is going to happen in the future when the situation come worse. This is more suffering compare to 2012. People just die when a wave come from the sea, but people suffer for few 10 years (or even worse) when a wave of economy struck. 






還有,車子少了,空氣清新了,污染改善了;不會再有廟宇教堂問題,也不用爭種族問題(華人改為KKK――Khoo Kay Kim一族)。






sorry, another Chinese article again, but this time i will not translate it, haha...  
I believe most of us heard about Zimbabwe, a country located at Africa. The chinese text above in short bring the meaning that the numbers of migrate-ors is increasing, will lead to the failure of the economy. And it do state the factors that people migrate, other than 10A1 students cannot get JPA scholarships,  high qualification professionals cannot get the fair positions, there are still alot more!!!
Do you think Malaysia will be Zimbabwe-ing? the case is similar...lets see on the economy of Zimbabwe, then we will know why izit similiar...

"Zimbabwe maintained positive economic growth throughout the 1980s (5.0% GDP growth per year) and 1990s (4.3% GDP growth per year). However, the economy declined from 2000: 5% decline in 2000, 8% in 2001, 12% in 2002 and 18% in 2003. Zimbabwe's involvement from 1998 to 2002 in the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo drained hundreds of millions of dollars from the economy.(it is like purchasing submarine,battle plane for performance purposes?)"

"The downward spiral of the economy has been attributed mainly to mismanagement and corruption of the Mugabe regime and the eviction of more than 4,000 white farmers in the controversial land redistribution of 2000 (just like disappear or changing owner for Gong Yik Bank, sugar factory, bus company?). This has also resulted in Zimbabwe, previously an exporter of maize, becoming a net importer."

"Inflation rose from an annual rate of 32% in 1998 to an IMF estimate of 150,000% in December 2007, and to an official estimated high of 231,000,000% in July 2008 according to the country's Central Statistical Office. This represented a state of hyperinflation, and the central bank introduced a new 100 billion dollar note. As of November 2008, unofficial figures put Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate at 516 quintillion per cent, with prices doubling every 1.3 days. Zimbabwe's inflation crisis is now (2009) the second worst inflation spike in history, behind the hyperinflationary crisis of Hungary in 1946, in which prices doubled every 15.6 hours. By 2005, the purchasing power of the average Zimbabwean had dropped to the same levels in real terms as 1953. Local residents have largely resorted to buying essentials from neighbouring Botswana, South Africa and Zambia."

Sources from Wikipedia,

So, what u can imagine when inflation rate happen at prices doubling every 1.3days? BOU LONG sesame chicken+Char SIew+ small rice will cost u RM4.50 on mon, Rm 9 on tues and RM18 on! 
do want eat, drink Chinese Tea ice enough  which is RM0.40 on mon, RM0.80 on tue and Rm 1.60 on wed..>.<
by that time, the most porpular device will be 'money counter' that counts u got how many pieces of Rm50, everyone will be a billionaire, yeah!!!!