My fyp project, SMART filtration system technique.
I am trying my best to simplify the description as possible, coz too many technical terms will just make you who are reading scratching your head.. =p

During i proposing the project, everything is in my finger tips. i am with my full confident that i am going to make it.
The project is to creating a filter that will service itself and wash itself, either manually or automaticly by using switching control. Switching control mean all the control process and mechanism will be realised physically by using relays, switches and sensors.

>> 2 types of control process, 1 by software programming (create a program that will control everythg), another by hardware interlock control(using relays).

So, until like begining of OCt, a discussion was made between me and my supervisor about the reseach and design value for the project.
"The value is low if you are just using hardware where everyone can make it with current technology"
"It will be unecessary to use software programming if your process control is not complicated"
This was the 2 contradiction point i am having that time. Whether to control using just hardware or software?

My supervisor tell me that it is FINE for him if i stick back to the hardware control. At the same time, he encourage me to do software as it will SOUNDS better. Then he intro me to use Visual Basic to create my GUI (Graphical User Interface).
>>From the message that sent by my Supervisor, i upgrade my project.

SInce i have change my project's fundamental from hardware to software control, EVERYTHING CHANGE!!!

This is a difficult that i face the most, i heard Visual Basic (VB) and GUI, but i never know who are they (its normal for me, coz i hate reading, so my knowledge is so so so limited >.<) I get VB 6.0 from Sze Yoong, started to explore VB during the 1st week of my holiday. Meanwhile, i been doing research how to communicate parallel port (output for VB) from VB's program.

Other than the very basic program syntax and introduction for VB, actually i found nothing related with my project from notes getting from SY. Continuing searching from internet.......

p/s: luckily my house connection not bad, still mange to load those site faster compare to uniten >.<

the feeling is bad when you can't sleep at night, middle of the night when everyone is sleeping.

my mind keep thinking about my fyp, it is full of uncertainty..hope everythg will be alright when school reopen later...

When i am having my final, my mom called me and ask me to help to clean the house after the tenant moved out on OCT. Yes, she is informing me >.<

Well, it can consider a part of works that can filling up my holiday, a part of my 'cutting down FAT' project and some contribution to my family after i been not at home for so long (i going back to klang average once per month for last sem).

It is a good news for my mom when a malay teacher agree to rent the house since early NOV. But, it is a bad news for me when the new tenant says she is in urgent and need to move in 2 days later after she called my mom >.<

after dragging and discussing, she agreed to move in after 5 days.

and this 5 days is a night mare for me T_T

1st day, sweep, mop, wash the whole house - to avoid direct contact with the pesticide that sprayed a week ago
2nd day, start the painting job
3rd-4th day, continue the painting job.
5th day, repeat what i done on 1st day, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

the house not really big, 20x60, double storey terrace house.
together with my younger bro, we painted all the walls and the 'kekisi tingkap',
and my bro even skip his job when he going tuition...
poor me..muscle pain~

after getting the job done, released!!!

the main lesson,
do not invest on houses when you plan to rent them - alot of problems >.<

feeling lucky,
i am studying engineering, noneed to do PAINTING as my job in the future ^^

Few weeks ago, i have change my blog's layout.

Everythg is gone, all my gadgets, blog links,etc need to add back.

Few weeks after i change it, today FINALLY i got the mood to do it.

Everythg go smoothly, until i add the Nth blog link, the window box hang there...

no respond at all.

'click!' click! click!

end up by clicking the 'X' icon at the top right

oh my.....GERAM-nya~

Few days ago, i have read this article from Sin Chew Daily. This is really a very very good article that 100% telling us the fact and situation in our poor little country...


Malaysia want to be a country with high technology.

Below these are all true stories:
1 Malaysia politician want to go S'pore for heart operation.
Te operation was very suscessful. While recovering, the politician had met 3 doctors that involve in the operation to thank them.
he said, " thanks alot to doctors from S'pore.
"Sorry sir, I am from M'sia", said by one of the doctors
"Me too,"
"Me too,"
One of the Malaysia company plan to develope a new town in foreign, they have asked a S'pore international company to plan the layout.
Both companies executives have their 1st meet. 7 representatives from S'pore company includes, the director, the head of construction department, head of financial department,etc.
The meeting was very smooth, every one was relax and start to chat informally.
The director from Malaysia company said:" my hometown at Kuala Pilau, Seremban, the durians there is very nice, next time when you all visit m'sia, i treat you all.
"oh really? Your hometown at which part in Kuala Pilau? i am from Pilau too." said by s'pore company's director.
After this, another 6 representatives all telling where is their hometown...
"i am from Malacca,"
"i am from Kangsar,Perak"
" i am from Segamat,"
"i am from..."
ALL of them are MALAYSIAN

This kind of story is a lot.
Some are rejected by local Universities, some failed to get scholarship.
Our 10 As still seems loose by OTHERS' 10 Bs,
eventhough there are no place for us here,
after pass through the border at south,
there will always be another world waiting for us.
Every story, every people, is all a sigh with emotion.

original article by 郑丁贤@ Sin Chew Daily
edited and translated by Loo Ping Yew
retireved by 22nd Nov 2009

i am not from a rich family.

Recently, i get the chance to mix with some really rich people.
off course, rich people are our parents-aged uncle and aunties.
a good chance for me to expose,
we are going to a talk together. The talk entitle : Share investment in China Market.
(these uncles, aunties not bcome very very rich bcoz of their carier, but bcoz of the share market)
below is part of the conversation that i heard when i was driving:

A: my new huz is renovating, i have spent 60k for the praying desk. now, i am looking for a JED guan yin ma. i ask POH KONG, the price is 33k+
B: wah, only praying desk so expensive?
A: ya, coz i been selecting the 'snail shells-fosil' tiles for it. that is very husband also asking me why spend so much for this, no people will see it afterall as it is at the 1st floor.
C: yalo, then why u selecting that?
A: coz i pray there everyday, i want to see it, i like it, i replied my husband like that.

C: how is ur house at ECO park there?
A: still ok, but got a good news, the price for the land is increasing, we save up alot.
B: how much u bought last time?
(**rich people buy banglow, but very very rich people will buy a land and build their dream house)
A: last time is around RM120 per meter square, now is around 200+, so we really save alot.
B: wah, really save alot, but i got no choice, dy bought 1 at AMAN Pxxxx around 1+million.

i remain concentrate on driving throughout the whole journey.

all this while, i believe that the outshell is not really important, someone gain respect for they way they behave, the way they thinks and the knowledge they have. but it seems, the fact is still there. people still focusing on the outshell, the 1st image of u will determine whether they will mix with you.

 what a person u will be?

"What we wear makes a huge difference only when it affects our confidence and the vibes we unconsciously send out." - Quoted from Xandra Ooi's 'Love, Work and Everything in Between'

backpack = travelling by own, no packages, no fix itenery by travelling company..
off course, wont extreme till sleep at garden, park, or corridors.
thats my definition for 'backpacking'

2 years ago, i backpack to Australia, with my sister, mom and my sister's fren..
That consider a very suscessful backpacking trip.
We visited:
-phillip island (to see penguins, i mean the wild one)
-The Great Ocean Road
- Melbourne city ( Little Saigon,Queen Victoria market, etc)
- Ballarat (Soverign hill)
~Brisbane + Gold Coast
- Brisbane city, casinos
- SEA world, Movie World
- Blue Mountain
- Sdyney Tower
- Sdyney National Park (place like zoo where u can get close contact with koalas, warabies,birds..)

Trip Duration : 14 days
Domestic flight: melbourne-brisbane-sdyney
Expenses : including everythgs(flight tickets, souveneirs, accomodation,etc), RM7k+/person
Weigh loss : 5Kgs (eat so much aso can lost weight, got no idea with tis >.< )

next year may, will be my another backpacking going to taiwan.
i may consider this as a graduation trip (grad as bachelor).
Currently still in the progress...9 days? 10 days? or 12days?
hopefully, everythg can settle tonite, by 1am...

p/s: anyone who is interested with this trip can let me know. we will go around 9-12days. place interest : taipei, kao shiung, tai zhong. Details will be decide later, budget around RM2.5-3k.