on 28/3, 8.30-9.30pm, we are require to support the earth hour with close all the electric appliances. even the media corp like 8TV are goin to stop the operation for this one hour to show the fully support on this activity...

i don't think i going to do so as i am having final. 1 hour, alot of things i can do..
if i not goin to switch off the light and fan, this mean i am nt supporting??
actually i am not..

i just wan to raise up one issue here where ppl may have the misconception between supporting the activity by close everythg in an hour or make it as a habbit, switch off watever wen u leave. 2 are diff things.

since i staying in the hostel of uniten for 4 years (almost), i can see that most of them do not switch off the fan and light when they goin to class or even on the light duirng day time. this is simply bcoz they have pay EVERYTHG in the hostel fees. there is a wrong mindset here where ppl always tink, 'since pay ed, use oni laa...' this cause a waste...no matter how many years u support the earth hour, the energy that u waste wont balance up the enery u save when u support this. make it a HABBIT, not joining the crowd to do so.

other than this, there are house or premises that 'curi electrik'. they fixed the electric usage meter at the house.. the reduce of paying may up to 70-90%. which mean, u are using RM100 of electric, but u are just paying RM10 for the bill. when ppl fix their meter, they not oni intend to pay less, but they intended to use more and pay less. near my neighbourhood, there is a house (corner lot with 2 house built in 1) with 11 air cons inside. all operate for at least 20 hours i guess, coZ nvr c them open the window for air circulation..lolx.. heard that they owaz on the air con so that the bill will reach 100+ as it will too fake if such a big huz wit bill oni few-ty bucks =.=""

so, make it a habbit but not 'i am joining the earth hour ler...'

after 1 day+ since i have my practical lab...
i still cant get rid of it...
i still tink of it..
it is sth tat lose control and keep appearing in my mind..
the situation i cant concentrate..
the way i trace the program repeatably as my thinking being cut by the noise...
the noise that i can recognize,
the noise that i familiar...

i am trying to forget and look forward for the final next week...
but i just...
argh!!!!! someone can please kill me??
it may just a small case as lab juz one credit hour..
bout the feeling is just like:
sth that u familiar and u know how to do..
when u plan to do it and tink about it,
many ones just keep create noise to disturb u and make u cant tink of it..
in the end, u got lack of time to complete the task...
i really lik cant put down this even i try to do so...

if those who make noise are not the gang of people i know,
i tink my life will be better...
how to get rid of it?? how???
damn it!!!

i am a bad tempered person.
fren tat close wit me know bout tis.
my EQ not high, will explode myself anywhere, anytime.

today, i have my micro P practical test.
initially was good.
but after 10 minutes(the test is an hour),
when i blur wit the ques,
i look over and over again...
try to concentrate and think,
alot of noise come from outside of the lab.
i realise people standing outside seeing us who are inside..
like your parents bring u to zoo during ur childhood,
the way u look at those zebras, bulls, tigers...

i turn bac to my question paper and thinking again...
trying to concentrate...trying..trying hardly..
but CANT...

i feel so weird how come the instructor do not heard the sound?
the lab incharge technician do not heard the sound??
or i am the only one that heard the sound??
it is noisy...like the market when i went to hatyai..
alot of similiarities,
they shout lik bargaining, alot of ppl talking, fingers pointing..
the only difference,
no big umbrella here, no cars, no thai,
but CANTONESE...(actually mix abit of MALAY)
the condition doesn't change, until i finished my test,
complain of the 'noisy' when i go out the lab,
i heard "sorry"
SO WAT? a sorry can bring me back to the test again?

perhaps i should blame myself,
blame myself that own a stupid brain that cant tink well
blame myself that my concentration is damn lousy
blame myself that i cant focus well
blame myself that i sit the NEAREST to the door and heard all wat u all shout
blame myself for being so sensitive for my hearing until i heard someone shouted,
"YEE SIONG RAISE her hand ler" (well, this is in cantonese, loud and clear {applause})
blame myself that i am in the 1st session but not 2nd session
(if i am in 2nd session, no other session ppl will bising when my practical test goin on)

yea, this post consist of very negative thoughts..
but the positive comes,
a 20+-year-old UNI student still do know how they should behave when people having test..
shud feel ashamed of themselves? I HOPE i am the last victim...

与他约好8am在COE Foodcourt pass checklist of report 给我
"Bro can we meet by 8.30 stuck in jam"
8:30, 我去了COE foodcourt
8.35, "i am dy at COE foodcourt"
" 8 min"



今天凌晨一时,ready-to-print的techcom report终于拿到手了
只有三个字“list of illustration”的list of illustration
“okay, bye bye"
“bye bye”
泡了杯old town,抛开我的疲累
“you guys will do work anot one?we want to score A one!!”
“okok, no problem," , "sure sure sure, no problem"
“my class end till very late" , " my car send to workshop", 'i got test', "i very busy"...
我只想说,如果办不到, 不应给借口,说你办不到就可以了
不是你们不好,是与我的working style不一样,
LJ也不怎么样, 有意见吗?

Last Saturday, I went to PERHILITAN Sg. Dusun for my KKSB project. For your information, KKSB is an elective subject which is Introduction to Sociology. The main target of this project is Malayan tapirus or known as tapir.
We have been told to gather on 7/3/2009, 7am at library ATM. So I have spend the nite before at min’s huz, so that can have early breakfast with them before the gather. Around 4pm+, I follow wei liang and min (49/50) back to their house after their semicon test.
Lets talk about what I have do during the visit to min huz…lolx..
At nite, we have KFC as dinner…min pay extra for the meal coz the careless him do not place the tray proper and fall on the floor. In the end, paying double for the snack plate..pity min~ after that we went to see slack as JUSCO got sales..but personally I tink the sales juz normal sales as the price not much diff, SEED aso 50++ for a shirt..a slack aso 80-120++…so I din buy anythg lo..Juz accompany CW c his leather shoes…lolx..

>>min accompany his room mate seeing shoes...

>>too many choices, CW look directionless....

The next day which is 7/3/2009, around 5.30am, I waked by the alarm; around 5.40am, I waked by min..lolx..den after preparation we have met up wit wk at BOU LONG at 6.25am..early breakfast…that time we still wondering wana have breakfast anot as we received a sms ytd that ask us to be library ATM at 6.40am. but since we edy there, juz eat lo..late aso few minutes…

Settle our breakfast in 10mins time, and rush to library ATM, reach there at 6.47am, late ed!!!
Looking around we realize that there is a Toyota HILUX which belongs to the café owner, and no one ed..opps…someone came out from the atM, our treasurer, NUR FARAHIN. She reached at 6.40am by walking from ilmu with her jacket. That time was raining, although not heavy but it seems pity for a gal that walk from ilmu, waiting alone in the cold morning where everyone juz lik putting aeroplane… LUCKILY we din skip breakfast juz now juz wana to be puncture =.=”

At 7am, still no one here and I sms the secretary as he ask us to zz earlier and be puncture. In the text, “ are u sure we need to gather at 6.40am coz no one is here..or you din zz earlier ytd izit? “ try to imagine that we need to depart at 7am while at tat time, juz 5 ppl there oni (4 chinese and the treasurer)..around 7.10am, the program director, the secretary and few malay reached. The 1st sentence since they reached was ‘ytd we came bac from the PERHILITAN, wen reach home ed 1am’, I reply them ‘Oo..okok’ as really dono wat expression shud gv. For me, I dun tink that is a valid reason la, well, it depends on ppl…our lecturer reached at 7.30am, our last classmate that reach was came so far from IOI puchong there, he reached at 7.40am.i was staring at him when he reach..He gives us a smile..ya, tats all…juz a smile, neither words nor sentences...

gather at 6.40am?? =.=””””””

departed at 7.50am after a short briefing… on the way, we stop at raWANG perhentian for 15mins. There are 4 ppl in wei liang car, no one go out and we wait at the perhentian for 15mins…to make sure no one is lost in the highway, I tink…den we continue our journey and exit at BKT TAGAR, just before Tg. Malim exit. After the highway, there are all estate roads. Luckily we did not eat full juz now (or shud say dy digest halfway?? ), the road condition is not tat good..

Again, before we reach our destination, we stop at a warung to have the REAL BREAKFAST (quoted by our assist director), I just drink a Nescafe there as feeling zz, coz zz 2 hours + ytd (coz go mamak wit min, wk, soon and CW, rarely go their huz, wen I go, muz organize the blow water session which is the “climax of the day”, quoted by soon..XD ). At 10.40am, v reached there safely… no accidents, still in one piece, but feel abit frighten in the car..lolx..=p
after the opening ceremony, we walk around, smell the tapir-polluted air…

>>the place tat used to keep hippopotamus, now is the place where tapir live

>> most of us say this is bamboo, or a species of bamboo type; min disagree this, how u all think?

>> a close look on tapir, middle long nose

>>cute tapir

After walk around and used to the environment over there, we are divided to 3 groups. initially, the only 4 chinese in the class are responsible for the algae cleaning at the porcupine side,. but being asked to separate us. 2 nid go to clear the shit, another 2 will stay. 4 of us look to each other...few seconds later, i decided to be the volunteer as i know hard to wait anymore, shit oni wat..another volunteer is wei kang {applause for the courage to being a shitman lolx}...we need to move the tapir shit in to a big plastic bag so that it will be used as fertilizer at vegetable farm.

>> on the way to the shit hut to clear the shit >.<

>> the legendary shit hut..lolx..

>> alot of stones?? no, they are the shit..lolx

>> 'bilik daun', place where they keep the tapirs' food

>>the tapir that lost his leg after step on the TRAP set by illegal hunter

>> the environment is wet and dirty...we have do our voluntary work all the way lik this..

honestly, it is very hard to imagine how is the situation juz from the picture. this is simply because pictures do not have any smell. i doubt if we can enjoy seeing the tapir and at the same time having our lunch =X other than the smell, the place is dirty..lolx..alot of spider web and algae on the floor. there is a small rain while we doing the voluntary work, this make the floor more slippery...personally i tink tis is a good activity for us (those city kids) to expose to the nature and this cute + almost extinct animal, it is a great experience to be a voluntary and spend the time there, worth a try!!

even so, i doubt if u asking me to go wit u again..lolx..


没有人是完美的,但,大家都朝着完美前进,虽然,考试被扣了一分,失去了满分,悲伤的不是失去的那一分,而是那 努力+时间累积而成的满分,也如春梦般消失了。【1】
生活中,课业上,事业里 ,感情内,每个人都有各自应尽的责任,这是对自己的责任,对人生的承担。可能,在这当下,身边可能有些好友,能者多劳,帮你把些些的问题解决了,但,朋友能倚赖多久???上帝很公平的把时间分配了给所有的人,大家都只是拥有那24小时,大家都有自己的问题与烦恼,要解决、面对,断不能因为一句“我不懂”,“我不会”,而要朋友牺牲睡眠、玩乐、社交的时间,来帮自己完成任务,然后,再把那些本来属于朋友的时间,拿来找自我的娱乐、睡睡觉,这妥当吗 ?
生命,从小我们就被教育它的重要性,它是宝贵的,有句话说的很好,很贴切,“谁人无父母”,父母带我们来到了这世上,每个父母都是疼爱自己的孩子的,希望他们健康长大。车,是现在最普遍的代步工具之一,出门到哪都会需要到,也许我的技术并不是最好的,但我都尽量专心,小心驾驶,因为,大家的性命都掌握在我的手中,不想因为自己一时的疏忽,而让几个家庭从此都乌云满布,失去了昔日的阳光与笑容。朋友都常会在自己疏于驾驶时,给予忠告。当然,忠言总是逆耳的,在那当下,听起来一定是会感觉到被挑战的,认为是对方不对。身为朋友,若在那当下没有忠告,那就是我的错。。。。。若不止一人都在不同的时间,说了同样的话,那就有深思的必要了,也意味着“没有撞到,没发生车祸就是安全驾驶”这种道理(歪理 ?)已经不能在被接受了。一名厨师,煮的菜肴,美味与否,是大家都能评论的,无论你是素人、厨师、总统、巴士司机,美味的菜肴还是一样美味,同样的,一个朋友给予驾驶的忠言,并不会因为他驾车年龄、身份、而变得不合理,不被接受。可能,幸运让你侥幸存活直今,也用可能,唯一一次发生交通意外,也就是最后一次了。。。。。
其实,以一个 21 岁的大学生来说,我们应该已经是很独立的人了。虽然这点我做得并没有很成功,可是至少我也很努力在尝试。我知道,家人、朋友,他们也都有着自己的生活,我们不能总是依赖着他们,希望他们无时无刻都可以在我们身边帮助我们,这是不可能的。过度依赖的人永远也不会成长。试想想,如果哪一天真的只剩下你自己一个人了,那你要怎么办?而且,不断地寻求别人来帮助你,只会更增加别人对你的厌恶罢了。当然,在这尝试独立的过程中,还是尽量避免造成别人的困扰比较好。像我常说的,其实,我很讨厌和友族同胞一组,因为他们给了我很不负责任,做事很不“上心”的感觉。如果不是把做的东西迟交给我,就是会在最后一分钟才完成他们的东西,然后又做得一塌糊涂。他们在尝试着独立吗?我不知道。可是我却知道,他们带给了别人很大的困扰。现在,朋友,我既然趟了这浑水,自然也不便来评论你。不过,我希望你抿心自问,身边是不是越来越少人愿意和你共事了?和别人共事时,是不是总闹出很多不愉快?


我出生在一个小康之家,从小到大,父母很关心我。衣,食,住,行, 父母都照顾地无微不至。慢慢长大以后,由于习惯依赖于父母,很多东西都不懂得如何去处置。过去将近四年的大学生涯里,我领悟了很多,学习了很多。如果要用文字一一表达,真的很困难,或许可以说是一种成长并时时自我检讨的过程吧!
自从交了女朋友后,才知道什么是责任感。真的不是说你要还是不要,而是你必须了。当然,我坦诚认同,交女朋友并非那么简单。我是顾好了自己才交女友的,想象如果你的女友被你拥抱的同时,竟然看到你肩膀上有头皮削,多恶心!如果他给面子的话,大概会问问,“咦,没用晴丝(sunsilk anti-dandruf)吗?或许我们没发觉,其实与朋友的相处中也需要责任感的存在。比如,‘去唱k吧!’,‘你们去,我不去;那天我也没答应啊’,对,没错,没答应,但听下去的人会觉得很显,你很难叫。这也是比较私人类型,而学业类型大概是一起做project.我在变得很讨厌做project,真的!原因是工作量常因人而异。朋友曾经告诉我,“能力越大,责任越大”。是真的?也有朋友告诉我,‘我们学的,了解的都一样,大家都在同样一个起跑点开始,你不会的,我也不会’。对于这番话,我深感同意!但我想,至少不会,也尝试花点心思,时间去学习,去研究,什么都没做就来借朋友的抄,或者是把问题再抛回给projectmate,真的很不负责任,如果是别人这样对你,你是怎么想?现在只是assignment,以后做工时是你的饭碗,你的人格,人家对你的价值观,你可以不在乎,但如果你不介意人家怎样看你,希望当每个人isolate 你时,觉得你很逊时,你还可以诺无其事的继续这样下去。
最近,有一个朋友面对很困扰的”抄assignment问题”,他的朋友很多都在同一时间(last minute la) 向他借功课来抄,看到他的样子,可以了解到他的感受。相同的如果是我,真的也很难做。一份自己辛辛苦苦做的assignment就这样的“借我,谢谢!”被拿去,酝酿了耐心,时间,研究的过程及精神原来只值四个字,真的会有点不爽。借会不爽,不借好像很不好,怎么办?朋友的关系有时真的很难明了。我是一个对错分明的人,因此有时会压抑不住自己的情绪去“吊”(我找不到那个真正的diao)人。其实真的发生了,还好朋友都了解并包容我;想说的是,朋友的包容也有一个限度,当他们觉得我太辣,容易“吊”人,他们也就拿我来开玩笑,借用另一个方式告诉我,所以我也尽量压抑,不去“吊”当事人,去找别人倾诉就好了…lolx..


只 是,有时候我会觉得,其实你或许可以是更好的一个人,却为何要一直待在一个仅有自己,也只有自己的世界里呢?甚至不止我一人如此认为。简单附括一句我常说 的话,一个人说你不对劲,也许那个人是错的;两个说你不对劲,或者你还可以坚持自己的立场;但是当几乎所有的人都这么认为的时候,你是否有想过,真的是自 己不对劲呢?

last wed i have went to WATT's nite.
the performance is great!! the ticket is so worth for such an event..
other than goin there as audience, i have help my fren selling BALLS..
fish balls, sotong balls, prawn balls,keropok, etc..

>> when there is no business...lolx..

the mph is still blank at 6pm..just AJKs and committee are there...
free REDBULL drinks are available but is limited..
after giving the ticket, we have given some freebies such as clinique mosturize sample,
dominos voucher,etc..sth tat muz mention here is the McDonald's french fries and coke voucher..lolx..

With the voucher,
me and cuiyi have went to McDonald on last fri (6/3/09) to have lunch..
it is 1pm, we order 2 sets of McValue LUNCH which are fillet-o-fish and Double cheese burger.

>> long time din eat MCD, very happy..lolx =)

the purchase is done by the voucher, so we have 3 reg packet of fries..

well, since we are free that time...i am waiting min them to finish semicon test which cuiyi wana relax juz after her lab test, we have make a decision to sit there for few more hours and order one more McValue lunch..

McValue chicken nuggets have come!!! hahhaa..tis time, the purchase is done wit the french fries voucher too!! lolx..

>>so much french fries..wah happy happy!! XD

ordered 2 sets initially wit extra french fries, den order another set wit extra fries..which mean, we got (2sets+1 extra) + (1sets +1 extra) = 5 packets of fries..

>> When eat too much of fries, will start to SIAO @_@

this is sth special where normally ppl wont eat 5 packet of fries at once even though there are some Mc Buffet or any promotions..

finally, due to the weather (it seems gona rain soon) factor, we have no choice and choose to go bac at 3pm. the fries how? we doggie it back...siao meh, eat 5 packets fries + 2 burgers + 6 nuggets with 2 person... #$%$%&%^*&%%^$%^

march 6, 2009~ the unforgetable French Fried DAY =.=""

one day, wk and min are suggesting me that try to shortern my sentences in blog.

they say too long wo..den ppl feel tired to see..
i tink aso rite la..den add in some normal speaking broken eng.lolx..more interesting now? XD
well, there are aso some post that i cant do tat la..depends ba, anyway, thx alot for the comment =)

i tink almost everyone know that KTM got alot of people at certain peak hours. our PM Pak Lah do take a visit and experience this situation before few years ago. i still rmb this as this news shown on the newspaper and aso news on TV. but after so long time, there are no action being take..perhaps the actions can be sth like: minimum the gap between the time during certain hours to reduce the crowd, provides more carrier for a train (normally 3, but the station can support more than that), etc...
no money? impossible!! so many people using KTM in one day...perhaps get some 'peruntukan' from government, we got so much tax (i dun tink is a good idea paying compensation for the toll company so that the price of toll will stop increasing temporary and at the same time our GRANDSON are still goin to pay for the toll in another 50 years, noob rite? =.="" )
here are some pictures that i snapped during i take KTM to go back to klang few weeks ago..
from the picture, we know that NURSE need to take KTM too..if u take ktm b4, u will know that we should stand before the yellow line..but the train is coming, ppl getting their '1st place' or feng shui place to be the lucky one to squeeze on the train.
standing just next to the sign...nice picture isn't it? we are educated, we understand the word, but who carES? fined? summons? hahhaa..bull shit la...it is so simple, malaysia bolleh ma!! so bolleh punya la..

wah..finally tis week is almost over~
i think is quite hectic, but still better than min, leo and wl them, i shud feel happy(?)

during mon (2 march), i have start selling my TAPIR hashbrown. this is the 2nd part of FATT CHOY hashbrown during CNY nite, just the diff is not cuiyi & me who selling at the same time.
i think the sales on that day is the best compare to following days la..sold out 40 pieces..lolx ^^
thanks frens that supporting!!
thanks to SIEW YOnG [ he ate 3 pieces of hashbrown in one shot as his lunch if not mistaken], i feel so paise..lolx..

on tues, i have my techcom presentation.
wah, honestly i tink i have prepare and practise it a nite b4; but still feeling nevous when start..lolx.. well, one of the factor i tink is cuiyi seeing lo..[really one ler, try to imagine someone showing u the smiley face when u presenting..lolx.nervous la..] luckily i still manage to finish it smoothly and in time. coz i estimated 4mins/person...the way i start and the pic i show i tink ppl will rmb me..haha..if no nvm, at least i edy know my lecturer does..
[i am seeing her pretending to gv marks and close her face half when i showing those pictures ]

on wed, i have my KKSB quiz..
KKSB is one of the elective subject which is introduction to social work..
well, smooth and STEADY..lolx..
i tink wl shud c somethg behind me =p
at nite, i went to WATT nite...congratulations to the organiser and performer, well done!!!
all the hardwork is just worth for it...hope next year will have something better, keep it up~

on thurs...
perhaps i shud say there are nth special today..just some synchronisation prob. this was happen on wed whether we realise we miss out the name tag for coming sat (PERHILITAN voluntary work) activity. my assist director asked me do it..den, after bac frm WATT nite ytd bout 11.30pm, i start to do it..until..den tis morning cont it...
wen go to class juz realise that there are another ppl that have done it aso..well, wat to say? choose the better one lo..i dun really feel uneasy or uncomfortable, coz i edy used to their working style..they are like that, thats why the country is lik tat~ {lousy}

'we cant change the past, but we can make a different for tml', tml will owaz a better day..
gotto ready for PERHILITAN on sat, stay a nite at min there...

*cuiyi having lab test tml, gambateh and good luck!! mmmmmm...
*wk, wl, min, alfred, chei siang best huzmate TUCK.C, and may peng having semicon test tml, all the best to them!!!
*final is coming, gear up all my frens!! =)