there are 3 weeks left before my 1st final for my final year..haha...
calculating whats gonna happen before my final:

9/10     DAta communication and Network test
11/10   Skyventure Bkt Cahaya
13-14/10 Control 2 Project due date + presentation 15mins
15/10   Control 2 test
(to be confirmed)   PCI test (chap 1-3)
23/10   Power electronics mini project due date
(to be confirmed) Power electronics Assignment 4
(may occur any time) Mini Ninja
(may occur any time) Resident evil 5
(may occur any time) nfs SHIFT much thgs to do..time not enuf!!!
it should be a relaxing sem since we already reach the final year, it simply becoz results wont affect much...but i am trying hard to relax, i feel bad to be a person that not contributing at all in group projects, i feel sorry if i didn't do my assignments, sth that not least, my fren surrrounded me can really score well as they really hardworking nowadays..lolx..