I feel really boring stay at home all the day....

One day, she came to my house. 

Making all my mom's organic vegetable die.

So, I decided to revenge for all the veggie ^^

I keep kacau her...whether day or night.

Or even create some lightening effect....

Hereby i introduce you the unlucky one...

She has 2 kittens with her.

Since I am such a good person, i not purposely kacau just to revenge on the veggie. In fact, I afraid that the kitten run out of the box and hide under the car. As you know, one of my friend experience this before. The little kitten being squish like sugar cane, just that not green colour water, but the blood being squeeze out. To avoid this, I got really no choice to kacau her and let her feel unsecured and move.

kittens look cute when they sleep...

and the mother, ROAR!!!!

When i tidying my clothes in the cupboard, I found there is a square thingy in one of my pants...

I start to wonder what is that....

The first thought was, 'Wow, since when i keep such many of cash in my pants to wash together?'

When i take the square thgs out, u know whats that?


YES!!, it is kingston pendrive.

I wonder how it survive, it have is nice bath by soaking in the TOP washing powder water for so many hours and go through the drying machine for about 150 mins @ average 50-70celcius.

The body is so clean until i cant find even a finger print. When i plug into the com, well, it still working, no file loss and the inf file virus still not dead yet =.="

After this experiments, v show that Kingston is very reliable!!!

Last Friday, when i was at Midvalley career fair, Cui yi told me that result is released and she can't see my result. I thought that it was normal as we just hand in our thesis, and it is possible that our result will only be announced later. But after i went home, then i realised that the result is announce by "BS" (Belum Selesai) for the fyp grade.

I check my info and realised the reason i cannot view my result, it simply bcoz i am being blocked by the financial department. For those who have not experience this before, you can refer to the picture below, it happens as the 'Result' column is not appear.

Without any procrastination, i sent an email to financial department to ask them check whether YTN have already bank in the fees, or if any problem occur during the process of transferring money from YTN to UNITEN. I even ask them to suggest or comment what should i do.

There was no any reply on yesterday (Monday). So, in the mon afternoon, i call up YTN. The people told me it was not her department that responsible for this. She say she will send an email to another department to follow up and then cc the mail to me. I keep waiting, until today, i receive nothing from YTN. Of course, no news from UNITEN too.

I tried to call UNITEN on mon morning, around 11am, but no one answering the phone. Even the pre-record voice that said 'Thank you for calling UNITEN" also do not have. I wonder what happen.

Now, i been trying to email to YTN. But i failed. According to the letter i receive from YTN in the mid or march, they stated their email there. Just the email is no longer available, "the mail cannot be delivered..."

Every semester since foundation, YTN pay straight to UNITEN without go through me, and nothing happen. So i really got no idea now. Anyone can give any suggestion? if not i will just wait until they call me. Cause i need transcript to report in for YTN, for sure they will call me asking why i still not report in. lolx...
Since there are about 6k debts there and i really not worry as company still willing to hire us without the transcript. haha...Just i curious to know my result last sem as a lot  of friend got flat result excluding fyp...congrats to them.

Currently, i am looking for job...

Sometimes, i am envy with friends that having scholarships that they may not need to worry where to work after graduate. Theirs companies all are some famous company like Genting Sanyen, Powertek, Motorolla, Sime Darby,etc and giving quite high pay, around 2.7k-3k or even higher. There are friends that even got shell with super high pay, around 5k+ a month.

I would have a better choice if i apply TNB which give me a basic paid of  2.7k. But as their convertible loan scholar, i need to be bonded for 6 years if work with them. BUT, working at the same company for 6 years is really sickening for me, so i think i better do not surrender myself and going off with the 86k+ they loaned me. By praying hard, they won't ask me back to serve them =p

i feel lucky, satisfied, contented and thankful. I may not need to bear the PTPTN loan burden after i graduated.  Some companies offer me RM2.2-2.3k, i am still in consideration. The feeling in me is just like PEPSI - "Ask for More", >.<  Coz after some simple calculation, receiving a paid around 2.2-2.3k really insufficient to stay outside. It would be 9-9-10-10 for the expenses. Anyone got quite good offer and willing to share with me? It will be preferable in more technical, electrical, control instrument field.

At here, I would share a news. There is a Malaysia Career and Training Fair in Mid Valley, 16-18 April 2010. For more info, please log on to http://my.jobstreet.com/announcement/2010/m/mctf10/mctf10_js/home.htm .

All the best to those who looking for a job, and good luck for those who accepted the offer, take a good rest,  and continue the journey :)

My friends, this is something important as long as u drive.

After so long got no updates here, other than busy with my final semester that make me cannot update there, another factor i would confirmed you is LAZY! :)  Tonight, something has inspire me again, here comes this, DRIVING ETHICS.

#1. Show your signal when you want to turn at a junction or when you want to come out from your parking.
This may be a very small case, but somehow i really feeling stress with this. While in a busy junction, when i am rushing my time, somehow a lot of cars that turning into the junction do not show their signal lights. This keep me waiting, waiting, waiting and the car just turn. If the car has show signal light, i would have cross the road without waiting >.<

Another case is when the car coming out from parking, somehow, they do not look behind and just press their oil paddle. It really cause an adrenalin rush in my body =.="  somehow, i manage to stop in time or they manage to realise i am coming from behind (straight road). Hope i am lucky all the way, it does happened a lot of times.If you asked if i horn them, nope, i am not. Not becoz i am ethical enough do not use my horn, but it frightened me until i forgot to horn, just focus on braking >.<   So, my friends, rmb for your signal lights ^^

#2. Do not throw things from the power window.
Well, i would say this is more on one's civilization level :) I still remember that when I small (around primary), there is a rule that fined these uncivilized people as much as RM500. Somehow, now like not so strict, wonder why~ This happen very often on the road, even some drivers driving some BMW, Mercedes Benz, Accord,  Camry or other luxurious car, they do so. Really look down on these ppl >.<

#3. Drive at normal lane if you are not driving fast.
I think some of my friends passengers experience this well. I used to drive fast efficiently, so most of the time i will maintain at fast lane. There are some situation when those cars are not fast and they blocked there. Normally, people will just beam the car by flashing few times to them. Another way is to overtake the car from other lane, but this is danger and not recommended. As an ethical driver, the correct way is to put your signal light (right side). But i am still practise until that ethical yet, so normally i will put signal lights first, then if no respond, only i will flash them. If they still not giving my way, the last method is to horn to attract their attention to u. haha...

#4. Park nicely!!!
this is the main thing i want to discuss in this topic.

This car parked in front of my house. Well, i am find with it as road side is public. but let see how the way he park, bad examples...

The car have block the road.  this kinda driver, when park their car do not want to park properly. When some one crash or scratch their car unintentionally, then they bising bising >.<
The picture seems a little bit not clear, but as u can see, the car plate : AGH 1699. This is an bad example of unethical driver. From Ipoh one, but one thing confirm, not all Ipoh people park like tat..hahaha...
Another thing is, do not park at sharp corners like this car. People will not purposely scratch your car, but accidents do happen and it really cause a lot of inconvenience of other drivers.

Make others car so hard to turn. Do you observe that the tile is broken? thats the consequences...

In the conclusion, just drive ethically.. :)

after 5 years of UNITEN life,
after 5 years of Malay food,
after 5 years of so nice study life,
i finally come to the end of chapter,

actually i have finish printed my thesis last wed and snapped this picture
last wed, but i will only dare to post this here now..hahaha :)

and going to start another new chapter again.
good luck to all my friends in their future undertakings and working life,
lets keep in touch~