i am not going to update my blog until streamyx at home is fix.

it occured since last tues that i cant online using streamyx at home..
currently online in the office...(it is unethical, but i got no choice =p )

will call to TM and fix it soon =)

continue from my previous post..lolx..but before i start off, i wana say that my IT (indusrial training) can say so far so good..there are some moments that make me pik chik as i am asked to do sth stupid that cant learn anythg la..but compare to my frens that having allowance lower and still sitting there everyday dono for wat, i shud feel lucky ed...lik chinese saying 'the lucky in the unlucky..' lolx...

when having final, we have sth call study week where almost all the class ed finish and we will have our own time to study...during the study week, i feel study till sien sien..so i have cook spaghetti for lunch...

this is the spaghetti mee

this is the soup

the look is OKOK oni..the taste i tink aso OKOK la..OKOK mean not 100% delicious, but still good and can eat when put into the mouth...lolx..lets c how cuiyi look after she eat.. ^^
actually i purposely ask her to have late lunch, so that v can finish it..coz u noe lo.when hungry that time, wat aso eat one..lolx..coz i noe how good is my cooking skill, nid use abit trick la..XD
then when goin bac cendi that time, c2 lift got no lights..luckily i am alone that time..if got foreigner same lift with me then i will sked, if alone den i not sked lo.. ^^
while having lunch, i actually saw the newspaper promoting 'tak nak'...i tink smoking issues are very hot in my blog..lolx..but honestly, smoking is very bad, not oni harm ownself, but harm others aso...how it harm?? lets see~

my huzmates were smokers,then i realised that the cigarettes box have this kind of picture too. the size is about 30% of the box..when asked him whether sked anot...u noe how he ans?? he said the condition showed in the newspaper is for those smoker that smoke from 3-80 years old, since he started to smoke during 17, mean he is saved...wat a brilliant idea?!say no to smoke..if u plan to stop from smoking, u can consult those professionals the correct and a more comfortable way to stop from smoking...btw, smoking can cause impotence too!! men, better watch out!!! hahahaha.. =p

when final is near, almost every nite i will need to close my window as the bustard dono frm where juz keep smoking and the smoke lik car exhaust that dominate every corner, every meter cube in my room..>.< id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5322706524699545906" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 240px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_6UFX8_wS-vg/Sd4NYiBe0TI/AAAAAAAAAKY/P1b7mIM4NJ8/s320/220320091108.jpg" border="0">and some of the ash still in flame that burnt a very small part of my bedsheet T_T u can c the yellowish wound of my bedsheet..i wonder if i open the window and zz at nite, and they throw the cigarette that still in flame, i may become ROASTED -PY ed.. >.<

well, still rmb previous post i am suggesting a smoking area in cOE foodcourt?? i have actually take my action to propose it to MPP. i have leave a suggestion for them in their suggestion box..but almost 2 months till now, there are no any response...well, vote for MPP? their slogan "help us to help u"...watever they speak in the public juz an empty promise...mpp is juz another way for the uniten management to persuade student in a good way to follow their rules and policies??

i tink a smoking corner is highly needed...alot of them smoke that harm the non-smoker!!!i posted pic that police bantuan and students smoke before..here comes the technician..if i try my luck for lecturer then will be a complete series and collection ed?? lolx..i saw my lecturer smoke that day..but wonder if i take his pic and post it here, my gred izit get affecteD? lolx..better dun... ^^

there are still part 3 to conclude my march random..hahaha..stay tune ^^

the new government is formed...
being a malaysian for 20 years, i feel hopeless to BN..
they are trying to change, but they are still themselve...
i dun tink they have the right to get a chance..
in 4 years later, trust me, my vote sure wont for them..NOT AT ALL
looking back to pass 50 years since they rule the government,
'kissing keris act", "case BOCOR in parliment", endless toll fare, discounted houses for bumiputera (coz other races not malaysian?), VIOS bcom so expensive coz want encourage ppl buying low quality PROTON?c4 bomb for Atantuya..etc...

compare to current pakatan rakyat which is the state government for s'gor..

at least, v got 1st 20 metre square water for free..this encourage ppl to use water wisely, coz as long as they use less than 20 metre square/month, they nonid to pay anythg instead of RM6 before 308 last year..

at least those who score 5As and above in SPM gt RM100..hey, 1st time in history that state government gv money encourage ppl to study wey...BN be the government for over 40 years got gv money? got la, wen the election is near..lolx..but i din receive any even i am a 10As SPM scorer.

besides that, as long as u park ur car properly and didnt block the road, u will nvr receive a summon..well, some may tink tis is worse, but so many cars, hard to find parking, as long as din block others, ok la..GOOD!! save time earn more!!

i have mentioned this before, the lisence, roadtax..etc renew are so efficient..i love tis!! ppl nonid waste time to WAIT for their turn, but got more time to work and improve the state!!!

i am not some kinda party support, i am stand on the middle fence that judge with wat i c and wat i tink..correct me if i am wrong...there are some news from merdeka review that i tink worth awhile to take a look...even PM aso can fake fake one..2 sided..lolx..but i tink juz got mandrin la..for those eng educated..sorry lo..lolx..

i am having my final exam on march. so it really quite some time i din update my blog 'formerly'. i mean those blog that 'kutuk' others and expressing my very critical feeling are not countered la..been seeing frens that update their blog using title lik 'XXX random' (lik 'a piece of mii' > lengleng's blog, so i wil use the same title..
about 1 or 2 weeks before final exam, i have went to time square to have the last moment of relaxation b4 having my final..

c la..v are so happy.. lolx..XD

i thk i complained alot to my fren about DSP (digital signal processing), most of them experience it by themselve..while lecturing, my fren actually having his own sweet time drawing..my fren look lik WU ZHUN, but i tink he shudnt study engineering, change to design betteR? lolx..lets c what he had drawn..

for PKC CNY performance nite committee and aJks, we have a gathering at NANDO's

quite alot of them go for the gathering even the final is just around the corner.. but the bond not strong, most of them come juz for a dinner, not a frenship..about oni 40% left until the end of the gathering, others were went to shopping or go back just after the dinner...i dun tink the gathering is suscessful la..and the chicken dinner by NANDo's was average for me..(my mom cook better than them actually =.=_ since when lai ann and...hmmm..get so close?? lolx.. =Dthe price and the food nt really match la.lolx...gathering and chit chat is still consider a 'ok' place perhaps..around 20+ ppl there and tis cost about 790+... and the receipt is long... btw, if too many ppl order at once, it will be very messy for the waiter. i went to the MInes branch NANDO's. it takes about 40mins for my chicken meal when i order with my frens at the same time. they actually mistaken place my chicken to other customer i guess =.=

there is a sentence saying that women's mood are lik weather, u will never predict how it change next..now i realised it in both nature and life..hahhaa..here are some proof..
there are only very small rain..droplets that will oni make u feel damp..but in a moment later...

it is amazing.. v can c very clearly from the pic that the rain is coming..the rain have covered the building with the blue colour roof (MURNI, our hostel), but the condition in CENDI (male student hostel) is still droplets-alike rain..lolx..

some day near the final aso..my ilegal huzmate has belanja us LEKOR. a kind of food from kelantan. it served after fried.. very nice and delicious..not he bought it, was his fren brin bac frm hometown =) this is the raw LEKOR in grey colour, b4 it cut, it will look similiar with sth..lolx
after fried..yummy!!..the kelantan lekor gt very strong fish taste tat make it very delicious.

this 3 is my huzmate, ping, mike(LEKOR contributor) and kenneth (the fried-er..XD)

stay tune with me!!!! lolx..more pictures and story coming up in march's random part 2..how i spend my study week?? wat pic i have snapped again in cOE?? lolx..
hope all my fren who having holiday enjoy their holiday; those who having industrial training, happy working!!! 'u tot i am robot? ', please be patient, working life is lik that..take some time to used to it..good luck and wish everythg go smoothly to us.. ^^



从考practical lab 完后,我的心情就很不好,






















我那是很想骂:D N MA D CCB






不是我驾太快,或许我的状态不好,他的fXcking driving skills is too bloxDy fuxKing!!



我对自己的sibblings 失望了。