late at nite,

revise back our favorite game ever ==> heart attack

the process is too excited until we only able to take the ‘after played’ pic

the next day, we have cont our journey to Malacca..

just for makan makan..

visited the oldest temple in Malaysia, QING YUN TING

walk along jongker street for almost 2 hours in the hot afternoon

seeing shop lots, and finding a coffee shop

calling frens, walking around and lastly, we found =_=

there is a sentence saying,

“Success is a journey, not a destination”

same as our life which is a journey,

we will nvr c the end, nvr noe the end…

we will face obstables or an island that full of shady tress for rest..

but the best thing is, we will nvr walk alone…

cheers for the Sin Chew Daily 17th batch student reporters that make my life colourful...

last but not least,

the only 18th batch student reporters that join us for the trip, pooi mun a.k.a Samm Lai =p