perhaps i gotto post this last week, but unfortunately sth wrong with my pc, i just cant sign in blogpost. in the end, posting tis blog in ITMS >.< (wat else? blogger ma..hand will itchy =.=)

normally, i will park my 'little lamb' at coe foodcourt under shade. Its too old to be get hot by the sun and caught a cold by the rain...

as usual, i went to coe foodcourt to park my motorcycle...i am in final year, this is the 1st time i have see coe foodcourt flooded!!! flooded with motorcycles o.o

i got no choice...the 1st time ever, i parked my motorcycle at BA.. =.=""

the condition is much more better after i finish my class, but still worse...

really wonder how the garbage collector truck come with this condition..

not only 2 'first time', but also the 3rd 'first time' that c so many cars in RESIDENCE HOTEL

"fuhhlawei, so many ppl go RESIDENCE HOTEL, got PROMO?!

As a part of the UNITEN (even i am just a student), i concern about what happened that cause all this...i believe all my mates or Uniten students know bout tis.. but i just cannot understand how the management think which will lead to the circumstances like this =.="

Since begining of 2nd year, alot of my fren have been 'asked' to shift out from the hostel. 'asked' can be definite by not allocate any timeslot for time to do the apartment registration. some of them who active in the activities or stay far away do have a chance after appeal (buat rayuan). i am the lucky one that still staying in hostel until now. the same thg happen to the juniors. most of them gotto move out when 2nd year.

UNITEN situated at quite a 'strategic' place. goin to KL, seremban, Cheras, BANting, KLIA are very convenient; which mean, uniten is 'surrounded' by highways. Most of them who moved out have a car as transportation. perhaps as an engineeering student, lets have a clearer view with the equations below :

uniten take more students for each intake = more student stay in hostel

when more student stay in hostel,

More ppl shift out (2nd year) = more ppl come to uni with car

>>the management have a new rule to solve tis,

apartment sticker = no parking (pls take shuttle bus)

outside sticker = allow to park

no sticker = nonid park

~p/s: uniten shuttle bus cant even accomodate oni all foundation student to class, how they expect the seniors taking bus; sumore there are classes COE-COIT,they expect we can travel by bus in 10mins including waiting and travel time..make sense?

ASSUME: all cars have sticker

but all the elements are increasing, but the no. of parkings remain the,

>>conclusion: uniten flooded with cars

this is a circulation problem..but it seems all students c it, but not the management =.=""

TODAY (27/7/09), heard wl say no uncle block the entrance to COE ed..everythg bac to normal? hopefully... *peace*

the press says everythg...
the website says everythg...
MACC does everythg, perhaps more than that...
m'sia law = what the AuthOrity say?

M'sia is still M'sia,
m'sia boleh is still m'sia boleh,
but how far it goes,
i believe ppl c it...

"police, officers, the authorities are human being,
they are part of the citizens,
they do wrong thgs, mistakes too "

lets dont consider other thgs,
but, for the ways of questioning in MACC,
is it a right one?

i doubt...

~ deepest condolences to Teoh's family~

since i started my sch last week, it is really very hectic for me...

i fall sick on last wed and after suffering hot fever for 2 days, i give up on fri and consult a doctor...worry of being the victim of H1N1 as i went to Hospital KL a week ago 0.0 feeling better after take the antibiotic, fully recover on sun..

i have begin my final year tis sem, there is a final year project that every student compulsory to do in order to grad. i have been sretch my head or turn my head upside down to tink any idea or title to propose. i met a fren last tue discuss about this, finally i have make up my mind not to tink anymore. 'better sit and relax, wait for the title registration day; if u get the title u wan, den it is good, if not, u can learn more thgs' thats the thinking i have... i am not the person that can change my mind easily after i make a decision.. the fyp (final year project) title have been released on mon (13/7). i realised there are title that i familiar with and i interested to do...there are some misunderstanding for me : i thought the project must include both software and hardware part, but now oni i realised with hardware part alone, it can be acceptable too.. the title released is proposed by the lecturer and if we want it, we need to do it untill the registration. so, i make a decision to propose myself...lolx..wat i do is to modified the title propose by the using similiar concept but diff application... i thought i will not get it done in time as i have not find any lecturer, and the modified title is totally new... after my class on mon 4pm, i meet Pn. Tengku Juhana; sadly, she is meeting someone and currently busy...i move to Mr.Yap room to see he has any other suggestion for lecturers...after discuss with him, i will be propose under him..
done the proposal at nite and send it for amendment the next day...YES!!! i got it!! finally, got the title and send the proposal in time to the coordinator...HOW LUCKY I AM... =)

tis sem, i am staying with my old huz mate ; SY and VZ..and another indian guy..i not really know tis indian guy. from wat min say, if wan to mention him in front me, the phrase should be : ' neh, the one tat his gf feed him sweets in digital logic class last time' (the phrase is deliver with the action : his gf take the sweets out from her mouth and feed him sitting at the first row of the class), thats seems fantastic..coz i even dont dare to try it after c that scene, lolx..
i realised he is a smoker...coz he smoke wen i juz bac from dinner..i tink tis is the N times i complain about smoke in tis blog..just that i cant und how come there are so uncaring smoker who smokes like they are the oni ppl in the world without caring others' feeling. he smokes in the room with the window closed and the door half-close. i ask him to smoke outside next time, he asked me bac 'y laa? i smoke in the room wat' i do explain the reason, hopefully he really care bout others. i do not want my clothes being smoked =.= i do have huzmate tat smoke last sem, it still acceptable as they blow the smoke out of the window..but tis time...>.<>

i still rmb how clear that dr.Azree ask us to put uniten website at our blog, ask us to visit the website more so that the 'XXx metric' will raise up..currently uniten xxx metric is the 12th among all the universities in m'sia, the management hope that we can reach top 10 in this year, 2009.

New sems is coming and i am goin bac to uniten to check in my hostel. after doubts for wat time is the check in time, i decided to check it online. but i cant found any..previously it is in the 'student announcement' column, but now it disappear.

"i wonder why, i wonder how , i wonder where they are" (quoted in WESTLIFE's MY LOVE)

then i tried to find it at the SEARCH column. the results shown few lines. simply i click the most related hyperlink. wow, fantastic, i found it!!!

but frm the table, the date showing last year date =.=

by trying another link, the same problem occur. all are showing 2008/09 semester information, and it was updated on OCt 2008. here are the links :

so, by common sense, i should follow the last year time, which was office hour, 8.30am - 5pm...

take innitiative action, but not hoping the result will change when u do not take any action...

thx my good uniten that provide me a bachelor in electrical engineering,
but good 'lame uniten', time to change if you wan quality..

if wan xxx metric to raise,
if wan more ppl visit your website,
if wan ppl tink that tis uni is 'got standard'

UPDATE lar... =.=