When i tidying my clothes in the cupboard, I found there is a square thingy in one of my pants...

I start to wonder what is that....

The first thought was, 'Wow, since when i keep such many of cash in my pants to wash together?'

When i take the square thgs out, u know whats that?


YES!!, it is kingston pendrive.

I wonder how it survive, it have is nice bath by soaking in the TOP washing powder water for so many hours and go through the drying machine for about 150 mins @ average 50-70celcius.

The body is so clean until i cant find even a finger print. When i plug into the com, well, it still working, no file loss and the inf file virus still not dead yet =.="

After this experiments, v show that Kingston is very reliable!!!


Nice 1~ Haha~

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