Last Friday, when i was at Midvalley career fair, Cui yi told me that result is released and she can't see my result. I thought that it was normal as we just hand in our thesis, and it is possible that our result will only be announced later. But after i went home, then i realised that the result is announce by "BS" (Belum Selesai) for the fyp grade.

I check my info and realised the reason i cannot view my result, it simply bcoz i am being blocked by the financial department. For those who have not experience this before, you can refer to the picture below, it happens as the 'Result' column is not appear.

Without any procrastination, i sent an email to financial department to ask them check whether YTN have already bank in the fees, or if any problem occur during the process of transferring money from YTN to UNITEN. I even ask them to suggest or comment what should i do.

There was no any reply on yesterday (Monday). So, in the mon afternoon, i call up YTN. The people told me it was not her department that responsible for this. She say she will send an email to another department to follow up and then cc the mail to me. I keep waiting, until today, i receive nothing from YTN. Of course, no news from UNITEN too.

I tried to call UNITEN on mon morning, around 11am, but no one answering the phone. Even the pre-record voice that said 'Thank you for calling UNITEN" also do not have. I wonder what happen.

Now, i been trying to email to YTN. But i failed. According to the letter i receive from YTN in the mid or march, they stated their email there. Just the email is no longer available, "the mail cannot be delivered..."

Every semester since foundation, YTN pay straight to UNITEN without go through me, and nothing happen. So i really got no idea now. Anyone can give any suggestion? if not i will just wait until they call me. Cause i need transcript to report in for YTN, for sure they will call me asking why i still not report in. lolx...
Since there are about 6k debts there and i really not worry as company still willing to hire us without the transcript. haha...Just i curious to know my result last sem as a lot  of friend got flat result excluding fyp...congrats to them.


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