After abandoned the blog for some time, time for a little update...

the taste of this Chief Millet Liquor is superb, highly recommend u all to buy it or test drink as much as u can. It is a little bit pricy, NT450 (promotion price), the original price is NT699. but i regret that we do not ask for more discount after getting know the promotion price >.<

According to the seller, the millet used for these is not normal millet but from highland. therefore it taste good. my family have try it, they do feel nice just that a little bit expensive as it only 500ml >.< Chief Millet Liquor can be found at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

Other than Chief Millet Liquor, during the trip, i have bought whisky from speyside at airport. Rather than taking chivas, jack daniels, lets try something new... will post it after trying that :)


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