DSLR getting so hot during my last semester. As seen in facebook, almost half my my friends having that.

At first, i been thinking to get one after i graduate. It can be as my rewards after finishing undergrad and also bring it to take some nice photos during my taiwan trip during beginning of the month. Besides that, think that this can be convenient when i taking photos during gathering with friends, relatives, trips,etc. The timing is just right as one of my targetting DSLR nikon D90, it price gone down. But, after few times of consideration, i call a halt for this. Looking into myself is this because of 'ppl have it, it so so common, so i need to have it'? I do have interest to take photos, but a toy for 3k+ would definitely needing me to think twice.

As an engineer, do i still have time to play my toy in the future? Knowing myself well, for sure will be focus all in my job. The extra time? Do i have extra time?ahemm...** so hard to save money, better think again after i work, is this something i really need? ~ lol


haha...i rmb there was a digital fair 2 weeks ago in midvalley...shud hav did survey there...anyway, no harm to make that as ur interest~~^^

haha...actually the price is getting cheaper...around 3.4k or less than that shud can get ed...but really feeling to work 1st then oni determine to buy anot, at least using my own work saving, i can really appreciate it..haha
anyway, thanks for ur info =)

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